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Elm Class – Meet the Team


Welcome to our Foundation Stage & Year 1 Class 


Welcome to Reception – The Year Of Confidence



The Reception Year, Year R, is the second Foundation Stage year (EYFS) and first year of primary school. Our class word is ‘confidence’ and during this year the children develop this and become independent learners, well prepared for the start of the National Curriculum in Year 1.

Reception year children build on the learning achieved in their pre-setting setting and continue on their learning journey.


At the end of the Reception Year, the Foundation Stage profile is completed by the class teacher. The profile is the statuary assessment process whereby evidence of learning which is collated from observation, play based and guided learning and input from home determines whether children have met the Early Learning Goals. Some children will be working towards these goals at ‘emerging’ and some children will be working at a level beyond the goals ‘exceeding’.


Our class is a busy, purposeful and happy learning environment where our youngest children start their school journey and adults foster warm, positive relationships that nurture and support children as they learn. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and provide a balance of activities and experiences through a play based approach that includes both adult directed and child led learning. The Foundation Stage Profile is completed for each child  at the end of the year and this assessment will inform parents whether their child has achieved ‘a good level of development’. We work in partnership with parents and provide opportunities, such as termly coffee mornings, to foster ways to support children at home.  We hope you find the information provided useful; the Little Book, curriculum plans, Home Learning Grids and other documents aim to give a comprehensive insight into the organisation of our class and day to day practical information.

Meet the team...