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Posted: 16 October 2019

Class E update


Class Update 16/10/19


Over the past few weeks we have been working really hard in class as well as taking part in a number of activities.


We have completed our first unit of maths which was place value. This focused on the value of each digit in a 4 digit number as well as Roman numerals and comparing and ordering numbers. We are now looking at addition and subtraction focusing on column addition and subtraction, completing calculations that involve exchanging and carrying.


In English we have completed our first unit of work focusing on the book Fair’s Fair. The children used the text to write the middle and ending of a story. We had some fantastic pieces of writing which are displayed on our writing wall. We are now focusing on our new book called Dr K.Fisher. The children have really enjoyed the book so far. We will be using this text to focus on letter writing skills.


We have taken part in a music workshop ran by BSharp. We took a walk up to the picnic site to gather inspiration to write a song about nature. The children have really enjoyed the experience so far and have written a class song which we will be performing on Thursday 17th October at 3:00pm.


Have a lovely half term!


Mr Russell and Mrs Derryman


Class E update:


So far this half term we have looked at length and perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. The children really enjoyed drawing a range of shapes made up of rectangles. We have started our new topic of multiplication and division which will take us up to the end of term. So far we have focused on multiplying by 10 and 100.


The children have written some wonderful letters in the style for our text. There were a range of different animals with a variety of problems, all which Dr K Fisher could answer. Our new text is based on poetry and is called Poetry Pie by Roger McGough.


We have looked at Diwali in RE and have focused on Hinduism. We have discussed and researched the Aum; a range of Hindu gods and goddesses and the story of Rama and Sita.

Topic has a large focus on inventions in Victorian times. The children are creating adverts to sell a chosen invention as well as producing a script to perform a television or radio style advert.


Have a lovely weekend!


End of half term update:


We have been focusing on addition and subtraction up to half term with the children looking at a range of methods to solve problems. We created posters, games and challenges for our peers to support our learning. After half term in maths we will be focusing on perimeter and length.


In English we have written some wonderful story endings to complete our unit of work looking at Fair’s Fair. We have started to look at our new book Dr K Fisher. This text looks at letter writing with animals writing letters about their problems with Dr K Fisher writing responses to them.


In Topic we have looked at the laws protecting children during the Victorian era. We have also looked at games played by children and the British Empire.


Have a great half term.


Weekly update 20/9/19


This week has been very busy in class E. We have worked hard on rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and to the nearest 100. We have also looked at the value of each digit in a 4 digit number through PE.


In English we have focused on conjunctions and how we can use them to expand our sentences. We have also had a focus on using high quality language in our sentences.


Next week we will be looking at comparing numbers in maths as well as boxing up our story to begin our planning of our own story ending.


Have a great weekend!

Mr Russell


Weekly update 13/9/19


This week we have started our maths topic focused on place value. We have looked at Roman numerals up to 100 as well as rounding a number to the nearest 10.


In English we have started our topic based on Fair’s Fair. We have read the book, acted out part of the story as a class during a drama session and analysed the text as a group.

We have looked at the British empire during the Victorian era; identifying the countries on a map and labelling them.


We had forest school this week and the children took part in a number of Victorian games. The children really enjoyed themselves.


Next week we are looking at partitioning numbers in maths and using high quality language to describe a setting in English.


Have a great weekend!

Mr Russell


Weekly update: 6/9/19

Firstly, welcome to year 4. I am really looking forward to the year ahead.


This week we have focused on introducing our classroom routine and what is expected in year 4. We have explored patterns in maths this week using symbols to represent numbers as well as Pascal’s triangle. The main aim of this was to make mistakes and to challenge the children’s way of thinking. We also learnt that it is ok to make mistakes and we learn from them!


We have started our topic which is the Victorians for this term. We have drawn portraits of Queen Victoria as well as researched some facts about her and her life.


We have linked our English to our carnival topic which is focused on the moon landings. We watched videos from the moon landing and then wrote acrostic poems using our ideas from the videos. The children produced some really good poems with some great illustrations.


Next week we are starting our first maths unit which is place value and starting our first English topic which is Fair’s Fair.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Russell