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Welcome to Sycamore – The class of Collaboration


Lower key stage 2 is a significant step on the learning journey of key stage 2 for all children, both academically and personally. Children are encouraged to become increasingly independent and take responsibility for their own learning, along with setting their own high expectations of the quality of the work they produce. By becoming more independent, the children will be able to form opinions and beliefs about pieces of work, discussion topics and work of their peers to work together to raise the quality of work for everyone.


The children will build on their independence and maturity developed in key stage one and really begin to develop a thirst for learning. They will become partners with their teachers in the direction of learning.


This year, children will be expected to maintain the high expectations set for them by their teachers and themselves towards their attitude to learning, behaviour and enthusiasm.


Alongside the learning that takes place in year 3 and 4, our main aims for all children are: for them to experience learning and enjoyment through our fantastic outdoor environment; to continue to develop good social skills and to support them to deal with the new emotions that occur as children become more self-aware. We deliver the curriculum in a variety of ways to make learning interesting and fun for the children so that children are open to a range of possibilities which could help to shape their futures.

Yearly Overview

The Sycamore team are...