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Our Careers Curriculum


We are really proud of our careers curriculum at Colyton. We firmly believe that teaching children about careers, even in primary school, is integral to their success as adults. Career-related learning in primary schools is about broadening pupils’ horizons, challenging stereotypes and helping them to develop the skills and sense of self that will enable them to reach their potential.


At Colyton we believe that having aspirations and dreams for the future, coupled with an deeper understanding of the world of work, is imperative for our children. We want them to be successful and happy adults and we recognise that career education needs to start early so that they can fully reach their potential.


Our planned careers education focuses on knowledge and understanding of the industries around them, development of their key skills that they need to be successful in these jobs and about having hands on experiences to inspire them. This goes above and beyond the National Curriculum offer because we want our children to aspire, flourish and achieve now and in the future.