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Our Science coordinator is Mrs Mills     

At Colyton Primary Academy, we encourage the children to see themselves as scientists and believe that the science curriculum should challenge and excite the children to investigate and make connections about the world around them. Our science curriculum provides a clear and comprehensive scheme of work that shows the progression of skills and knowledge across the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 within the strands of the National Curriculum.


"I love teaching science at our school. Seeing the children be so passionate and excited about their learning is a joy. Learning to be curious and asking questions about how our lives and world works is so important. It is one of the best bits of my job!" - Mrs Mills

"I like science because we get to do investigations like testing how bright bulbs are, making DNA out of sweets and when we made periscopes. I really liked learning about the way we looked at light and how it changes in water. I can't believe our DNA is 50% banana!"  - Taylor, year 5



"I like experimenting with different things and investigating. We learn about different things like rock and molten lava. I DID NOT like making a fake digestive system - it smelled!" -  Charis and Scarlett, year 5