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Year 1

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It is really important to keep your learning going while you are at home. Below are some links to websites to support your learning.


If you select the age 5-7 tab, you will find lots of exciting maths games that you can play.


Included here is the ‘hit the button’ game which can also be downloaded as an app.


The children can practise their number facts here such as number bonds to 10 & 20 and doubles and halves.


Some free games that support phonics learning.  Chose from phase 3-5, particularly phase 5.


This website will have some books that your child may be able to decode themselves but it may be that some of the books you share with your child.


On this website you will find some activities for your child which will support both their maths and English learning.


Practise your Year 1 common exception words with these games.